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The floaty jumping controls combined with the tight layout of the mountain platforms forced me to play carefully. But the ability to jump through the undersides of platforms was a nice affordance, and I ascended the mountain twice. I wasn't sure if anything changed from run to run, and I had no way of knowing how many times I would need to replay that section to see all of the dialogue or beat the game, so I stopped there.

Congrats on your first jam game, and I really hope you continue to make more. :)

Thank you for playing! 

On the top if you touch the guru with a jam he says something else.  :)

By the way it was funny when my tester realised that he can jump on the guru's head and float on him too. XD

Did I win? I dont know.  

I feel that it's true what they say about leaving things to the imagination, minimalist graphics where a great choice and the collisions where well made (they could be improved but that's a side note). I would add some music to the game, it would enhance the ambience. The sound effect of the "spondges" (the yellow boxes) where oddly satisfying. 

I dont know if I won, but I had fun playing it and that's a win in my book. Thanks for making it! :D


Hi there! If you were able to see this part than yes, there was the final 'dream' realisation by Zoey ;)

... if it played as I got various responses on it ^^'